Dyson Ball Allergy Upright Vacuum Review

The Dyson ball upright vacuum cleaner will have the strongest suction of any vacuum. For allergy sufferers, it will be important to control the allergens in the home. The Dyson ball vacuum will be great not only for vacuuming the carpets and floors but for getting harder in the home. With this handy tool, you will easily vacuum stairs and remove dust.

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Features of Dyson ball allergy upright vacuum

The ball

This vacuum will sit on a ball. This will make the vacuum roll and glide on the floors. The ball feature allows you to turn the vacuum at angles and all with the turn of your wrist.

HEPA Filtration

This vacuum uses a HEPA filter that traps the allergens in the air. It will suck up all the dirt and the air that will be being passed through the vacuum will also get cleaner. It traps the bacteria and other allergens. This will keep it inside the vacuum where it belongs and it will leave your house smelling as good.

Attachment wand

There will be an attachment wand that will be stored inside of the handle of the vacuum. It will be attached and you will not have to worry about extra assembly. This vacuum will handle to be locked in the right position and with the push of a button on the handle for dusting other parts of the home.

Bagless vacuum

This vacuum features will clear the bin that catches dust. It will be easy to empty. You can pull out the canister and push the button to release the contents.

The Dyson ball vacuum will be a good investment when you consider the ease of use and the amount of time will be saved in house cleaning. These machines will be really efficient.

To be honest, this machine is really expensive. If you didn’t like it, you can find more detailed reviews about HEPA vacuums in the buying guide by healthessential.net.