Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth Headset for Drivers

A quality Bluetooth headset will be a great solution when talking in the car and you can chat for long periods in noisy places. Jabra Supreme will bring the decent features and quality performance.

Design and features of Jabra Supreme driver’s edition

This is certainly bucking the design trend for the Bluetooth headsets. Also, it will add to the Jabra supreme’s real estate will be large ear loop. This is an adjustable loop with thin and flexible. It will slide up and down vertically within the headset’s base. Buttons on the headset will include a voice control button that sits in the middle of the mic boom. The volume keys on the edge will be closest to the ear.

The tiny lights on the bottom edge will display the alerts about the headset’s battery and charge. The earpiece will feature just four buttons in total. On the outside of the headset, the main button will act as the call answer and finish button. On the rear of the earpiece, there will be two volume buttons. All the buttons will be easy to access and this will be responsible under your fingers.

The boom arm will be hinged and it will be flipped out to switch on the headset and back to turn it off. This device will automatically connect to any device. The headset will be secured to your ear and this will be replaced by ear hook. The Jabra supreme will be the most comfortable headset and you will feel secure on the ear.

It will be a large over-ear headset with the long battery life. This features a magnetic and snap-fit connection that will make charge quick and easy. This Bluetooth will pair up with two devices simultaneously. It will have clear sound, comfortable fit, and long battery life. For drivers, this Bluetooth headset will be recommended.

User Reviews

Eric Fisher – Works great for this truck driver. I’m a truck driver so noise canceling and volume are the two most important features in a Bluetooth headset for me. The Jabra Supreme more than meets those two criteria. People on the other line say they don’t hear any noise at all from my truck, and I have no problem hearing them. My only complaint is it fits a little loose without the over the head part which is a little tight for me since I have a big head. I also would prefer longer battery life but that’s not a deal breaker. Overall I’d say it’s worth a purchase for truck drivers.

Hugalex – Terrific headset! Awesome. Great sound and very comfortable. I commute by train long distances and this is a perfect headset for staying in touch and getting on conference calls. The noise canceling mic is great too.

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