What Jobs Can You Get with a Criminal Record?

careers for felons

We completely understand after facing the charges for a felony, it is a bit tricky task to get the desired job. But nothing can stop you from starting a good life if you have good determination and dedication. Devote yourself to the work that you love and nothing will be impossible for you. Here we are going to describe some very interesting areas in which you can make good money and start working.

Develop applications for mobiles

There is no doubt with the advanced technology, everything has changed and now people are using their mobile apps for doing the task of routine life like banking, reading, news and many more.

You can get some initial training for this and start helping people by giving the applications for their mobiles. You can make different applications to through which people can complete their work easily and conveniently. You can find a good job in this area and maybe earn around $50 for an hour more. But you must have a bachelor degree in the concerned subject. There are many companies which hire people with felony charges provided you have excellent skills.

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Start working as technician of wind energy

Wind energy plants are increasing day by day. People prefer to produce energy through this way because it is eco-friendly and save the natural resources. But in this field, very few people prefer to work due to fear of the heights. In case you don’t have that then you must try to search jobs in this field. You must have an associate degree for this to earn around $26 per hours. Your felony charges will not come in the way of your progress.

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Support for the networking

You just need to have an associate degree in the field of working for information technology. This is a good area where felons can get a chance to prove to be good employees and earn handsome amount. On an average, you can get 32 dollars hourly wages to work in the IT field. But it is essential that your felony charges must be related to the same field of cybercrime, hacking, fraud etc. You can also apply for the web development jobs if you are good at that work. In this field, there are lots of companies available which can hire felons.

Stay safe and clear

These are the top paying fields where you can get jobs even after facing the charges for a felony. But you should try your best to work hard and never attract any obligation of the life during your present working. You can also find companies that may hire felons on FelonFriendly.net.